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Fall In Love All Over Again With 5 Wardrobe Staples

As much as I enjoy seeing new trends arrive at the beginning of every new season, I love re-wearing some of my favorite pieces! Fall is without a doubt my favorite time of year, so I love bringing back classic sweaters, skirts, outerwear and accessories from my closet that never go out of style. I’m sharing some of my favorite styles from Fall 2016 that made a comeback this year! 

The Sweater

Fall Wardrobe Staple 2

Fall Wardrobe Staple 1

The Suede Skirt (and the same outfit, it’s one of my favorites!)

Fall Wardrobe Staple 6

Fall Wardrobe Staple 5

The Booties

Fall Wardrobe Staple 8

Fall Wardrobe Staple 7

The Cardigan I

Fall Wardrobe Staple 3

Fall Wardrobe Staple 4

The Cardigan II

Fall Wardrobe Staple 12

Fall Wardrobe Staple 9

The Burgundy Bag

Fall Wardrobe Staple 10

Fall Wardrobe Staple 11

xo Jenna

The “Wear With Anything” Cardigan

Wear With Anything Cardigan 3

Wear With Anything Cardigan 8

Wear With Anything Cardigan 7

Wear With Anything Cardigan 5

Wear With Anything Cardigan 2

Cardigan under $100 (comes in 3 colors) | Tank top | Jeans 

Similar booties here and here | Similar bag | Earrings | Necklace | Watch c/o 

Cardigans will forever be my wardrobe essential – especially during the fall, but I like to wear them year-round. I typically pair them with jeans (like I did above) for a simple weekend outfit, with loungewear if I’m feeling lazy but want to sort of look put together, or with a dress to work because the office typically feels like the Arctic Tundra. 

I had eyed this cardigan for a while and was really only undecided because I couldn’t figure out which color I wanted it in. It also comes in grey and nude, but when I noticed this one in the loungewear section at my local Madewell, I thought, “AHA! Finally a cardigan color I don’t own!” (I’m pretty cardigan obsessed in case you haven’t noticed.) This one is super soft and I’ve ACTUALLY worn it in every scenario I described above. I like wearing it with joggers and my favorite soft tee when I’m lounging and I wear it quite often to work – most recently paired with this shift dress and shoes

What’s your favorite way to wear a cardigan? And what are your favorite brands for fall clothes? I’d love to know what my readers like. Leave a comment below!

6 Bell Sleeve Sweaters Under $60

Sweater Weather in Dilworth 1

Sweater Weather in Dilworth 3

Sweater Weather in Dilworth 8

Sweater Weather in Dilworth 5

Sweater Weather in Dilworth 6

Sweater Weather in Dilworth 9

Sweater Weather in Dilworth 2

Sweater Weather in Dilworth 7

Sweater Weather in Dilworth 10

Similar sweater here and here (under $60) | Jeans (on sale!)

Shoes c/o (affordable version) | Hat | Bag | Earrings | Ring

There’s nothing better than feeling fall in the air! The past few weekends have been really busy, so it was amazing to spend this one in Charlotte enjoying the weather and all of the amazing festivals that have begun. If you live in the CLT area, make the trip to Belmont for the Chinese Lantern Festival. It’s gorgeous and runs until the end of October! This was my first year visiting the Yiasou Greek Festival (unfortunately ended this weekend), and I have to say the food is worth braving the crowds for! 

I was more than happy to break out some of my favorite sweaters this weekend. This sweater is one of my all-time favorites. It’s super soft and I love the bell sleeves… unless I’m trying to walk through a door wearing it. Have you ever had your sleeve get caught on a door handle when you’re trying to walk through it?! It’s really funny for everyone around you, trust me. 

I found a sweater identical to mine and some cute bell sleeve sweaters in a lot of different colors, all under $60! 

xo Jenna

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