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My Favorite Things: Beauty Essentials

Happy Humpy Day, readers! I’ve been asked by a lot of my followers on Instagram about the particular hair and beauty items I use. The truth is, I’m the kind of person that finds something that works and sticks with it for a LONG time, lipstick obviously being an exception (If you could only see how many tubes of lipstick and lipgloss are currently in my bathroom). There are a lot of items that I constantly fall back on because they simply work, and are affordable to boot. I’ve listed a large portion of what I use during my daily routine!

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Hair Care

1. Beach Babe Texturizing Sea Salt Spray – I use this to add a little extra volume and thickness to my hair, since it’s naturally pretty thin. I spray a generous amount to my hair when it’s damp and the difference is pretty amazing once my hair has dried!

2. Aveda Damage Remedy Serum – This is magic. Seriously. I get split ends frequently from curling my hair, so I smooth a drop of this in my hair after washing. My hair feels amazing and it ACTUALLY repairs my split ends. I would suggest this for anyone no matter what type of hair you have.

3. MoroccanOil – Something that’s definitely worth the splurge. I add a tiny drop to my damp hair and it adds a ton of shine and softness. Plus, it smells AMAZING!


1. Revlon Balm Stain ‘Honey’ – Anyone who reads my blog knows I’m obsessed with this, and that’s probably an understatement. This is the perfect neutral-pink color for anyone. I highly suggest this Revlon balm in general, by itself OR if your lipstick doesn’t go on as smoothly as you like. Just add a light layer to your lips before applying lipstick to fill in those creases!

2. Aquaphor – I use this for everything, especially during the day for lips and at night for under the eye. Even if I have patches of dry skin on my face, I’ll smooth a little bit on the spot and it heals it right up!

3. Laura Mercier Foundation Primer – I put this on right before foundation. It sort of adds a protective barrier for your face so that foundation and blush don’t seep into your pores, making it a nice protectant against breakouts.

4. NARS Illuminator – I tend to use this during warmer months, or on days that I just feel… blah. It really adds a little extra oomph to my skin, and it’s also nice to wear alone on days when I don’t feel like applying foundation.

5. L’Oreal Double-Extend Mascara – This is my absolute favorite mascara by far. I’ve been asked so many times what I do to make my eyelashes so long. Eyelash curler, and two coats of this, that’s it!

6. Clinique Even Better Foundation – I like this a lot because my skin tends to get oily by the end of the way. Plus I’m naturally a little red around my nose and cheeks, and this does a really nice job of evening out my skin tone.

7. MAC Mineralize Blush ‘Warm Soul’ – I used reds and pinks for a really long time until I found this. It adds a nice glow to my face which I really appreciate during the cold months!

8. Benefit Fakeup – I’ve tried so many kinds of under-eye concealers and this one makes the top of the list. There’s a built-in hydrating stick that fights that cakey look that under-eye concealers can sometimes produce after a few hours. It blends nicely under other concealers too (Yeah… I have to use a few. This girl has AWFUL bags.)

xo Jenna

My Favorite Things: Essentials

I’ve thought a lot lately about wardrobe staples that I can’t live without. Whether I’m traveling, going to work, relaxing on the weekends, or simply staring at my closet on days when I feel like I have nothing to wear, I tend to lean towards the same type of pieces. Versatile, neutral colors, and things that can be worn during almost every season. As always, I love to mix a little affordability with investment pieces.

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Striped shirt ⁄ Nude lipstick ⁄ Brown booties ⁄ Chambray shirt ⁄ Stud earrings ⁄ Distressed jeans ⁄ Tote bag ⁄ Nike Air Max ⁄ Frayed woven scarf

The best part about pieces like these is that they never really go out of style. I’ll wear a combination of any of these, and they’re perfect for that eventual winter to spring transition!

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xo Jenna

My Favorite Things

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