This year, I enlisted the help of my boyfriend Ed to put together a holiday gift guide for men! I have been super excited to share this with you guys because A) I have NEVER had someone co-write a post on Lilly & Grant before and B) Ed’s style is very classic, so I think his picks will really appeal to guys at a wide age range. Here’s his take on the gift guide for him:

  1. This messenger bag is incredibly versatile and I’ve been wanting it for quite a while.  I wear either a suit or slacks/button-up every day so it keeps with being professional, and it’s going to be perfect when I’m not carrying my suede bag.
  2. So this stuff is the elixir of the gods for your face.  I bought it for myself because I have pretty dry skin in the winter and it fixed it completely. Jenna and I both use it now, and we’re big fans. 
  3. I’m not really a sweater kind of guy, mostly because I’m hot even when it’s snowing and I find them super itchy, but this cardigan is pretty wonderful.  It looks great and it doesn’t feel like I’m in a sweat lodge with mosquitos when I wear it.
  4. Kind of weird to have a comb on your wish list, I know.  Trust me on this though.  There are a ton of scientific reasons why combs made of horns are great for your hair, but the cool factor is astronomical.
  5. We just got an Echo a couple of weeks ago and now neither of us can live without it. It’s a great price and makes life so much nicer by having the ability to control everything with your voice (and automation).  We have a few other linked devices like fireTV, lightbulbs, etc. and now we’re in 3017.
  6. Every guy should have a nice PJ set that isn’t a pair of basketball shorts from high school and a t-shirt that’s more hole than shirt.  These do the job with an added bonus of making me feel a little Don Draper-y.
  7. I’ve got a real love affair with these sunglasses and I have them in a few colors.  They’re classic, timeless, and always look sharp.  My latest pair is here and once again, Don Draper-esque.
  8. Finally, these boots had to make the list because they’re on my feet more often than not.  They are no doubt the best shoes I’ve ever owned and I can wear them with everything.   

xo Jenna & Ed


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